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Femmeconne 2009 - Details have changed!

Due to issues with disabled access at Anapana Ridge, and an unexpected vacancy at Bickley Brook, Femmeconne has been moved.

When: Friday November 13 (4 pm) to Sunday November 15 (about 2 ish) (note change in date!)

Where: Bickley Brook camp site, Hardinge Rd, Orange Grove

How much: $80/person for the weekend. Child and day memberships will be available, we just need to decide on the cost. Please be aware that meals will *not* be provided this year. We will be providing coffee and tea.

Payments: Please send me an email at kitsune_iii (at) and I will forward you my bank details for payment.

There is a website for Bickley Brook camp at:

This is the same place as previous Femmeconnes.



The_babybird, please let me know if you are coming and we can organise a refund for the extra money or the total if you can't make it.
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