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Greetings all!

It's now the time in which we need volunteers - if you see something on the programme that you'd like to facilitate (feel free to tweak) we'd love to hear from you!

Similarly given that Calli is still recovering from surgery, and I am likely unable to make the event due to an exam on Monday 16th, I'd love for a couple of people to volunteer to help Calli and Margaret out for the weekend.

Things that would be supremely useful right now:

- matching program items to people and tweaking as necessary
- a couple of people to play 'host' and be friendly and welcoming and approachable. These roles are vital as part of creating and holding a safe space for the weekend.
- a few people to run the program on the day, that is, keep a finger on the time, be able to support people in taking the discussion to a new location if it's not finished, support facilitators in having what they need (pens/bits etc or a pep talk).
- someone interested in being the firebug and babysitting the fire responsibly
- RSVP's for attendance - whether it's for a day or the whole weekend.

Also, we need you to RSVP - the event can only take place with the support of it's members and currently we don't have enough members who can definitely make it to cover costs. Invite a friend, or your sister, or your Mum, a colleague - the space is there for people to enjoy, to be comfortable hanging out amongst a group of women, to relax and rejuvenate, to explore and be challenged, to learn, to teach, to experience. There is something for everyone and we'd love you to be involved.

This is your event, it belongs to the community and can only flourish with love and energy from the community. Join us in making your event special, and fun, and relaxing and exciting - be part of what makes it 'a little bit of everything'.

My personal aim is to study so awesomely hard that I can be completely free to come to the weekend - it's a huge ask, but I'm going to do my best, because I love this weekend and I would love to spend it with all of you!
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