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Books and Clothes Oh My

I am decluttering, and there's some important Femmeconne stuff here, books, journals, and magazines. I don't want to give them to strangers, but I also don't have the urge to run another Femmeconne. So I was thinking we have a Book and Clothes swap, and I can give these to people who I know will cherish them.

Also, if any one thinks that maybe one day they would like to run a femmeconne, they can come first and get the femmeconne library stuff. I'm always happy to help others run femmeconne, but I don't have the drive to do it again myself.

Poll #1605921 Books and Clothes

I am interested in Books and Clothes Swap

Depends on time, location, kids, life, etc
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Gynaecon Clothes Swap

10am at kitsune_iii 's place.
18th of April
(Next Sunday morning)

If you need the address, please email myself or her to find out.

If you're coming and have a spare five minutes, please consider bringing a plate for morning tea. Kids welcome! 

I have about 40 pairs of size 8 shoes coming along, plus a whole pile of clothes. PLease bring clothes, jewellery, anything you think still has life in it, but is cluttering up your home. I will also be bringing some baby clothes from 00 - 1s.

Australia Wide Self Weddings - seeking blurbs and interest :)

Greetings Femmeconne wonderful people :)

Some of you may have heard that I'm heading up a project to take the self wedding idea, Australia wide as a one off extravaganza! Inside of this, I thought I'd ask and see if those of you who made vows alongside me two years ago, if you'd comment here with some quotable blurb as to what it meant for you then, and the impact on you now? If you could include a name/pseudonym that I can attribute your comment to that would perfect :)

Where I'm at with the project is looking for event teams (including leads) in 4 - 6 locations around Australia including Perth. I'm about to start work on a website, and some other stuff to make group collaboration and organisation easy and fun.

I have several objectives with doing this project, not the least is to work with an awesome community of people whom I love and respect, whom all in some way care about making a difference in the world, not to mention meeting new wonderful people out to do the same :)

Secondly, I want to see a whole bunch of other people promising to Love, Honour and Cherish themselves, to take on that responsibility to themselves for well-being and nurturing. My view, is that this will make a difference in relationships, communication and connection for people.

I'm sure there's heaps more I haven't thought of (or taken time to gush about here) :)

The best thing is, this is all happening *NOW* - the entire series of events will be over, done and dusted by the end of February 2010! Also, the actual physical organisation of the event is minimal - it's much heavier in the inspiration and making a difference stakes simply by *happening* rather than requiring lots of time, effort and stress.

This is the kind of thing, where if the point wasn't for me to generate the project inside of community, I could organise in a few days around Australia - but it isn't my intention and doesn't really achieve what I've set out to in the project both in the putting the project together, and for those who choose to participate.
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Femmeconne 2009 Cancellation

Femmeconne 2009 Cancellation

Hi every one,

Femmeconne 2009 has been hit with all sorts of bad things this year, and it is with great regret we're going to have to cancel. A lot of stuff has been happening behind the scenes, and this is definitely the best decision for our convenors and panelists.

If you're still in a Femmeconne mood, wish to meet some people, or even just to hang out and have a great cup of tea, Margaret has offered to host an afternoon tea this Sunday afternoon. This can be a great way for people to ease into the Femmeconne air gently, making some friends before attending their first Femmeconne event. If you're interested, or have any questions you wish answered, then please email me, Mynxii, or Margaret (remember to take away the NOSPAM in each address.)  This is an extension of Femmeconne, and is a women's space where children are welcome.

We do have some plans for next year, so don't think we're gone for good! Expect some different styles next year, and more intense discussion and activities. So, watch this space!

Margaret, Sarah and Ju
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Femmeconne - Where we are and what's going on

Femmeconne is fast approaching. Cally has posted out the what to bring list and the program. In terms of paying for memberships, I am happy to take cash on the day. Memberships are $80 for the full weekend and $35 for the day. It's BYO food this year.

Please feel free to turn up after 4 pm on Friday. We will be going til 4 pm on Sunday.

If you need to know where we are, it is at Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp, which is at:,135.745076&sspn=49.656849,76.464844&ie=UTF8&hq=camp+bickley+orange+grove&hnear=&ll=-32.02496,116.033993&spn=0.046645,0.074673&t=h&z=14&iwloc=A

(Sorry, I suck at links).

Hope to see you there,

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Anyone allergic to cats?

I am hopefully coming to femmecone, and have a giant pile of clothes to swap. But the cat fell asleep on top of it, so while otherwise clean they do have a bunch of cat fur on them. Is this likely to be a problem for anyone? If so I'll make sure not to mix them up with the other clothes, assuming noone's going to be made sick by having them in the same room.
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