kitsune_iii (kitsune_iii) wrote in femmeconne,

Bickley Brook and an apology

It has been pointed out that there are a number of issues about facilities for people with disabilities at Bickley Brook, in the layout of the main area, access to toilets and other problems. We recognise this is a problem and apologise for not consulting people with disabilities properly on this issue. However, changing venue again at this stage would be difficult due to the late date and the limited number of suitable venues in Perth for this type of event. Because of this, we have decided that Femmeconne will remain at Bickley Brook for this year.

Bickley is a great venue. I love the bush and the water and the campfire and the general relaxed vibe of the place. I think all of this adds something to Femmeconne in terms of being a retreat or a time away from the city and the complexities of everyday life. Somewhere to relax and talk and ponder, outside of the context we usually find ourselves in.

I think we have learnt from this year that Femmeconne needs to be better organised in terms of starting the process early and consulting with people with disabilities about venues and venue issues. We apologise and hope to do better in future.
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