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Femmeconne 2009 Cancellation

Femmeconne 2009 Cancellation

Hi every one,

Femmeconne 2009 has been hit with all sorts of bad things this year, and it is with great regret we're going to have to cancel. A lot of stuff has been happening behind the scenes, and this is definitely the best decision for our convenors and panelists.

If you're still in a Femmeconne mood, wish to meet some people, or even just to hang out and have a great cup of tea, Margaret has offered to host an afternoon tea this Sunday afternoon. This can be a great way for people to ease into the Femmeconne air gently, making some friends before attending their first Femmeconne event. If you're interested, or have any questions you wish answered, then please email me, Mynxii, or Margaret (remember to take away the NOSPAM in each address.)  This is an extension of Femmeconne, and is a women's space where children are welcome.

We do have some plans for next year, so don't think we're gone for good! Expect some different styles next year, and more intense discussion and activities. So, watch this space!

Margaret, Sarah and Ju
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