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Updated: 16/09/2009

This is a community for discussion and communication about Femmeconne. We are creating a women only space where children are also welcome. The aim is for every one to relax and have a good time. If you happen to be a control freak and think that running around organising things IS a good time, please contact us and we'll make good use of your abilities!

The price is $80, and will include:

2 nights accommodation
2 and a bit days of fun, learning, discovery, walking, sleeping, chatting...
Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and milks
Fruit for snacks

You must bring/organise your own food for main meals and snacks other than fruit.

Plus..... A fun weekend of talking, chatting, sleeping, eating, drinking, cooking, discussion, relaxation, painting, music, noise, children, demonstrations, napping, laughing, showering, cooking, reading, learning, loudness, quietness, and fun!

Femmeconne runs Friday 13th, and Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th in November 2009. Children are welcome, but you do need to let us know how many! Your child(ren) are your own responsibility. If you feel like leading a bunch of people in cooking muffins or bikkies, or showing how to so anything the hell you feel like, or want to talk about something you know lots about, please also let us know!

We are going to Bickley Brook campsite in Orange Grove, as per previous femmeconnes. It is a pleasant spot with bush and dormitory accomodation. Their website is at:


Bickley is about 30 minutes from town. The cost will be $80 for two days with day memberships being $35. This includes tea, coffee and fruit. No spa, sorry. Meals will not be provided this year. There is a kitchen available.

kitsune_iii is currently running the con, callistra is programming and transcendancing is providing support - but we would *love* some help. If you would like to help with programming, keeping people up to date, financial stuff, general running around or whatever, please let us know. Hugs, appreciation and general good vibes will flow. Input on programming, activities and other stuff is also appreciated.

We are aware that there are accessibility issues with the Bickley Brook site, and apologise for the difficulty this causes some of our valued members. On future occasions the accessibility of the venue will be a priority.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to comment on this post.

Yay! We're so excited! We can't wait!!!

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